Stonefalls Skyshards


Like most areas, there are 16 skyshards in total. Caverns contain 7 of them. Most can be found in this zone without running into many enemies. For a speed run, grab them in order of:

2, 16, 1, 10, 11, 3, 12, 6, 7, 4, 14, 5, 8, 9, 15, 13

Stonefalls Skyshard Map



1. In the charred hills above Daen Seeth.

Harborage - Travel North around the coast and you will see it near the rear entrance to Davon's Watch.

Stonefalls Skyshard 1



2. Near Bal Foyen's gate.

Davon's Watch Wayshrine - Travel SE towards the gate to "Fort Zeren". It will be on the right side of the gate around the corner.

Stonefalls Skyshard 2



3. Staging an attack on Arand.

For Arand Wayshrine - Directly NW of the wayshrine. In the back of the enemy camp.

Stonefalls Skyshard 3



4. A lady on a cliff, beyond Sulfer Pools.

Hrogar's Hold Wayshrine - Travel SE towards "Dagger's Point Invasion Camp". When directly South of The Matron's Clutch, you will see it near a statue on the cliff.

Stonefalls Skyshard 4



5. Among mushrooms, high above Lukiul Uxith.

Hrogar's Hold Wayshrine - Follow the road NW looking on top of the Eastern cliff.

Stonefalls Skyshard 5



6. Among pools of fire, above Vivec's Wayshrine.

Vivec's Antlers Wayshrine - Directly Sourth of the wayshrine. Up the hill towards the lava flow.

Stonefalls Skyshard 6



7. South on the Ashen Road, where lava flows.

Ashen Road Wayshrine - Follow the road south past the Magmaflow Overlook crafting station.

Stonefalls Skyshard 7



8. Tucked away, on a grotto's mantel.

Fungal Grotto - To the west, behind the entrance to the dungeon.

Stonefalls Skyshard 8



9. On a hillside behind a plantation.

Sathram Plantation Wayshrine - Directly SW of the wayshrine, past the Sathram Plantation. Behind one of the buildings. Near the edge of the map.

Stonefalls Skyshard 9



10. Left to rust beside ancient arms.

Inner Sea Armature

Stonefalls Skyshard 10



11. Used to strike flames underground.

Emberflint Mine

Stonefalls Skyshard 11



12. Listening to the Spinner's Whispers.

Mephala's Nest

Stonefalls Skyshard 12



13. Found in soft dirt by daggers.

Hightide Hollow

Stonefalls Skyshard 13



14. Where a fiery tide rises.

Softloam Cavern - This is a two story cave. Just keep going forward until you are on the upper floor and head towads the direction on the map.

Stonefalls Skyshard 14



15. Discovering a taste for madness.

Sheogorath's Tongue

Stonefalls Skyshard 15



16. Drowned in the south by a clever bird.

Crow's Wood

Stonefalls Skyshard 16